The story no one wants to publish: TESTING YOUR DRUGS.

This article talks about the use of test kits to test drugs such as MDMA, LSD, and more.


Music and mind altering substances have gone hand in hand for a long time. Think back to the days of Woodstock, many can quote the notable words that pierced the loud speakers from the festival operators telling people not to take the brown acid (listen here). The drugs have only gotten stronger since the days of Woodstock but the risk of getting fake acid (also known as RC’s which is short for Research Chemicals) is coming back in full force. Now more than ever we have also seen a surplus of fake molly or MDMA (ecstasy) as we see a rise in this club drug. This brings me to my main point, TEST YOUR DRUGS! 

When you first read this, you may be thinking: What? Test my drugs? What does that even mean? 

As a teenager of the 21st century,  I have seen not only that the war on drugs failing but are doing more harm, than good. Back to what I said about testing drugs, a few years ago, I found out about a couple companies that are helping this epidemic. One called Dance Safe and the other named Bunk Police, these two companies have a similar message: if you take drugs know what you are taking so you can make an informed decision.  

you may be asking yourself how do you test drugs? What am I going to do send my drugs to a lab to be tested? 

Examples oh how these can look in pill form: 36577.jpg


here’s how it works:

Now, these tests are in fact sold, and you can purchase these and bring them with you to festivals to test substances before buying and/or using substances. Bunk Police has a wide variety of test kits for different substances and testing substances available via their site. (

Now you may ask why these sorts of companies aren’t more prevalent, and why haven’t I seen this or heard of it before? 

The reason?  Anti-Drug laws: Companies like Dance Safe want to have booths at every festival offering anonymous free drug testing, but the festivals receive a lot of backlash when they partner with such companies, the backlash being that this is encouraging drug use and law enforcement doesn’t like this. 

In 2014 an anonymous organization teamed up with these testing companies and traveled the United States and visited multiple festivals with the intentions of filming a documentary and exposing more people to “Test Kits” the movie is called “What’s in my Baggie”  (if you like to watch that I will have a link provided) and these kids went around and talked about different stories or friends hurt by fake drugs and what you can do to protect yourself. 

As one who goes to many music festivals and shows, I have seen the effect on many people first hand. I support the movement to test drugs rather than just ban them, I’ve seen the stuff that comes into festivals; the drugs are already illegal so how are they so prevalent? We obviously can’t stop them so we must at least try and protect ourselves and be smart about drug use. 


What’s in my Baggie? [documentary] :

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